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it is going philip semisweet and. kind of along the peninsula were seeing some pockets of
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fought to the state. the conceit and the broken and not really ride spread this morning. 57 and san francisco. broken oakland tempters in the '60s. 62 hayward done in the subway mid to upper 50s. as we head into the afternoon we should see a little bit cooler than yesterday. yesterday when the '80s today looks like to will top out around 75 degrees. 73 livermore down into the south bay temperatures and was gone as an morgan hill mid-70s. the seven jurors are in those 67 bridge tempters all lanes topping out into the low 60s. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. sharing those temperatures continuing to decline wednesday looks to be the coldest day of the week and then the first of all kicks in. the opposite effect happens it
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starts to warm up tempters getting back into the '90s mid to upper body into the weekend. let's get a check on your commute. >> thank you, a great start for your tuesday morning dealing with a little better overnight construction not much else to getting your way creek project just a few cars had a memory now nice coming easy ride is a major way in san francisco eight minutes from the foot of the macarthur maze and fremont street. you're right is talking and then it just a minute. those taillights are making their way in the commune direction towards foster city they do is sort of a construction in both directions of highway 92 between 280 in foster city that will close down a couple of lanes but still making pretty decent dry times
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during tire tracks across the span on the, clocking in at of management and. wrapping up with a live look at golden gate, nice, easy conditions. you can see it is pretty good for yourself from red novato and the san francisco clocking in at a very easy 22 minutes. highway 37 over these bay on 5/80 to name a ride. >> thank you. oakland police >> oakland police are sure investigating cases if of robbery and sexual assault by police are holding back certain details for instance when and where the zero incidents occurred at the same both cases that involve women coming back to their homes. >> we will have more from oakland police coming out. we do
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that suspect description news saddam on ago an african- american male in his early to mid 20's stands about 5 ft. 10 to 6 ft. medium build was also seen during rabin's. kron4 has more on the story. >> here in oakland monday night concerns about safety is to go around lake merritt it was not very safely say there's been a couple los assaults. they stem from rorer is enrolling to women. early the mid-20s caring a weapon those to carry a weapon could feel a false sense of security many we talk to or hearing or to tax for a first chance if the city won't shy away from your book does stand their guard. >> a shares detectives are looking for suspects to attempted to adopt a 12 year-old girl near cannes in middle school. the girls walking towards the small when a man in
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the dark red or brown sedan pulled up next are detectives said they asked the girl to get in his car and drove alongside her for several hundred feet he. investigators described him as a hispanic male about 40 years old shore back here, dark skin, goatee. slightly unshaven he was wearing a bright yellows about a hooded sweatshirt, blue jeans, a gold watch with a gold band. in love suspects vehicles similar to a ford taurus was a small spoiler on the rear truck fled the grace stop rims blackened cereal bucket seats. meanwhile insurers are searching for another man. third year of this web is a parolee being sought on drug violations described as 6 ft. tall to hundred and 10 lbs. also falling another developing story and this one of course san burner
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gas line this version there are new details on the pipeline the distillery here in the bay area there cressida less storage know what their high prairie du five runs were the real 100 mines and that they deem are in need of repair or replacement or considered for constant monitoring take a look, in the north bay we have pipelinesç in the broader, napa, cordelia. we also have a map of the space sharing server locations there you can see it's in your fremont there's a got a line that goes from livermore dentists and all. a lot of red dots there. we got location's palo alto, sunnyvale milpitas san jose. interesting enough san bruno was not on this list.
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kron4 prince wide. >> that segment of pipe it was not on the top 100 less. >> know where and a list of pipes in dire need of repair was this 28 for a piece of high pressure and transmission that erupted into flames is it destroying a neighborhood pg&e says the parrot was never in a traitor because it did not mean the company's definition are risky gas line. >> we are wearing anything in this area there would of met the criteria that would ron lawless. >> to make it on the list it would've had to meet one of four criteria. pg&e had detected corrosion, if there had been an earthquake in the area their records showed the design of the pipe was somehow flawed or updated it would be put in the top 100 or as construction crews had been dating. >> and someone is doing construction in an area we need to understand that a major the
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northern pipeline is. we take that into consideration piccinni's says there's no digging as private and no signs of corrosion. so under the current system there's simply no reason to mark the piper was dangerous. to critics as it is disaster proves that this system is complete fraud. pg&e says is now ready to draw conclusions. >> we don't know what the cause was rule need got to enforce how we need to look at these are various processes. >> the cp is pleat is that they completed and compile the requested state agencies as the important for the public to have this information. yesterday's list is the most recent list. they also requested a list from the last few years as well. the agency will review disinformation and decided changes need to be made as to how pg&e monitors its pipelines
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and of course our coverage will continue on line, you can read the list of 100 high risk of fines by logging on to real troubling for you there. we will take a break, your latest overnight news straight ahead. a live look bedside, checking your item 101 southbound. as traffic down step ahead dentifrices love. so far, so good. road back in 60 seconds more.
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in nearby, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. we have morning fog in effect today and tomorrow. a letter stating yesterday. this afternoon: than yesterday. only 75 in an 69 around the bay 60 along the coast will cool off livermore as we head into tomorrow and then we wore red back up. mid-upper 90s. for saturday, sunday, monday. driving the first of
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all well first partial they fall kicks in in what 8:00 p.m. hour. wednesday night. whatever. there's your forecasts, in the meantime it is john mccain vs. lady god got as the senate takes over repeal of the ban on gays serving openly in the military democrats have attend a measure and in their master and child to a bill offerin. it violates the senator mccain opposes lifting the ban pending completion of the band. lady gaga as urged the senate to vote for repeal in fact she was at a monday rally to urge the state senators there to vote to lift the ban. >> don't ask, does its job. is wrong. it is unjust. (applause)
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>> at a rally pop star lady gag a menace to turn them meet dress you in order to the anti visitor words into another room metaphor sing " equality is a prime rib of america. >> so that everyone deserves the right to wear the same me dress that i do. the eccentric icahn urged the two republican senators to vote against their party in the keys and about their lack of the debate began on the defense authorization bill which includes the repeal of the military's ban on openly gay and lesbian service members. >> i thought equality was non- negotiable. despite opposing their own pastor and tell the senators plan to vote with their parties. not because of the controversial policy but because the democratic
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leadership will not allow a republican amendment to the defense bill. they're also concerned about voting to change the policy before a military review of its impact on the of forces is complete. if in a statement the right we should all have the opportunity to review the report which is to be completed on december 1st as a reevaluate this policy and the importation of any changes. >> the senate could vote to begin its debate today as early as to 3:00 p.m. the top democrat in the senate has said a final vote on the defense bill will not happen in july after november's midterm election in washington a " collins. >> we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. lives curbside in a live look this summer checked some of their bridge at 92 is moving very well between a word of foster city will very far as more and 67 shall now.
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while the matcwelcome mat, and s
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are going to cool down as much noise of fog the day are shut san as they had said rain now seeing temperatures in the upper 50s. by nearly she dumped the upper 60s high temperature in san jose of about 72. 56 degrees for san francisco 52 per oakland. said a mid-upper 50s. renown as we head into the afternoon will see some changes. by noon we should see temperatures topping out in the '60s and '70s, really not getting much warmer than that in just a week at a handful of 80's but today looks like our locations are only going to beginning of the '70s: you buy down of the '50s, '60s. here's a look at some of those numbers getting out to vote 75 and standards of today napa about 74
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degrees is quite a bit of difference in the san francisco at 64 degrees. cooler than yesterday. greater around the bay temperatures should stay in i]the '60s and '70s the '60s around the coast. down into los gatos 76, 72 for more help. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. highlights: tend could get a little bit breezy this afternoon gusting up to rhodes' 75. thursday is the first official day of fall. funny essential and come after that. ironically enough. stir to order by saturday, sunday. upper 90s as we head towards next week. looks like to feel like summarizing the towards the weekend. but check and traffic for their care. >> thank you. very quiet me to
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kick off tuesday morning we're dealing with three problem free communes. so does the few cars on the road coming from the 580800. no signs of any job transfer work on the upper deck so nice easy conditions like a set just a minute from the foot of the macarthur maze if you're coming from the krajina is bridge to the maze that is our looking at in the team manager. if you're thinking of taking the cemetery bridge no proms, still is moving without delay in the tree direction note from across band in the the direction the highway 92 in both directions we're seeing a couple lane closures do overnight construction that will not tie up your ride. choir at the golden gate a little foggy just occurs on the road nothing too bad to get in your way south bound, nice coming easy traffic is moving at a limit. quick
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shot of their preacher for your way. were starting 0 coming out of albany you can see a bit more companies bestows delay for a ride is a major way to the toll plaza which aired assured you moving just fine. james. >> kron4 broke the story of a major flaw in muni's new high- tech the preferred commuters from the basically does white your hand in front of the sensors and the gates open up will now stanley roberts sellers have the authority is responding to the issue and other charges directly related to the flock to becoming it is a story only zero kron4. >> last thursday kron4 church to a major collector fought in munis $30 million clipper gave system is a flaw that allows anyone to enter anyone's bay area with nothing more than a way to finance.
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>> they all good. >> this was stock to be from at least six other. >> star tv answer reach around. >> what church year from the same thing for gate 7 by passing your hand over the marshes of deserters. this is a system ride from that officials knew about but still at the gates in front line and you pay for this. since there as the first reporter jury lovelock rights are a fitting sure you this. a source strasser told me that because of this laflaw. some major changes are coming, one of the rehiring a release for stations at $68,000 per employee. so then on and his reservations. these workers are laid-off during the budget cuts. and also toll since gerber
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has gone on line there's been an increase in ticket issued to freeze. this increase is not related to the handling is because the clipper tran occurs. some do was think that by simply having a cropper courage proof of payment. even though there's no money on the pavement. one worker to remit a clipper system was brought on line was 0 and drug from police. and now has problems. santos is there, roberts, kron4 news trent >> if your story idea for stanley let him know send an e- mail of people living badly at kron4. he will be out by a stick of commons. meanwhile the number of people using clipper transit cars is on the rise in fact use as a result 16% and that more than a hundred percent since the launch of the car back in june more than 40,000 number writers
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use their cards in the same. clipper card used to play pear's on puny, bart couch in golden gate and then burned. san trains and the tear scheduled to begin accepting and later on this year. world headlines a van carrying about 30 schoolchildren has plunged into river of pakistan the local police there say that for injured children and the driver have been rescued but most of the others are confirmed were feared dead. police said 11 bodies have been recovered the other children remain missing police say the driver lost control as you're driving along and elevated right again that banned polish 50 ft. of the order below. a coalition helicopter has gone down in afghanistan killing nine international troops and injuring two others it is the deadliest chopper crashed in years. the nationalities of
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those troops have not been released. three will there were no reports of any fire in the area of the tub and is claiming responsibility for shooting down of chopper. back here in the u.s. in utah national guard is saying he is sorry he is taking blame for this wildfire that led to the evacuation of 16 undertones in the suburbs. the fire was purged during a training i exercise for kurds members were firing weapons in dry windy weather three homes were destroyed and a fourth was badly damaged the commander admits that no one called outside fire agencies for help for nearly two hours. more trouble for loan and, the judge of the injured and at a restaurant after she'd knowledge failing a drug test on a recorder bridge. she will remain free pending a court hearing reggie could wind up back nine bars if she's found to of violated her permission. and the governor has canceled budget
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talks with legislative leaders because he's feeling sick prolonging the stalemate over the $19 billion deficit the governor had been scheduled to meet with leaders of the assembly and the sun and the 83 d impasse is the longest legislator has ever gone without approving a budget. speaking of budgets, let's talk about wall street. stock futures are slightly down this by the head. the bank is due to announce a. they're looking to see where policy-makers say about the economic outlook the congress department reports on new home construction and analysts are looking for an increase. also today the labor department reports on unemployment figures for august. wal-mart could be comingxd to sn francisco archly the big rock store co. is planning an aggressive push into urban markets with a fraction size of its supercenters the retailer
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has been starring for small locations in urban areas including is inconsistent and your city is larger than a typical store to store but smaller than the supermarket the expansion is aimed at pumping sluggish sales here in the u.s. from mark. we're going to take a break, more headlines coming up on the kron 4 morning news let's go outside creek live look, this shot from a rooftop camera if conditions are among the milder side today clear, not as much fog of the other is summing around, temperatures are a tad bit cooler there may have guessed it. will iraq is more a bit cooler there may have guessed it. will iraq is more a name is quinn, and this is my eggo. on fridays i have hockey before school, so i take two eggo homestyle waffles and put peanut butter inside. [ whispering ] i add a couple chocolate chips when dad's starting the car.
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and we're back, talk sports monday night football it wasç a surprisingly close match up with jerry rice, the retired his c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46>r4séj all thet out. it was a close matchll thet between these guys the saints, the super bowl champs and the ninersç livermore than a minute left. they made the kick, the saints went way 25-22 so close. that chance to catch up with some of the players got some >> of their reaction> not take anything away from them. jevons
4:27 am
protium but they're a lot of things to resolve their careers behind a bar. >> it is unfortunate but the lasting and stays are shorter ones. >> they did not do nothing. >> the nine areas at halftime retired the jersey #80 jurists of halftime game. çholding evey stick of a good receiving record france and the jury, jury for much of the night. >> every time i step on the so- called stealth i would raise my finger the figure this closes to the sum of what everybody to do that for bill walsh. love san
4:28 am
francisco thank you so much for this honor let's go niners. >> he served as an honorary team captain and was presented with his hollering ring. we'll take a break, more headlines trade ahead here on the kron 4 morning news let's go inside to give you a live look for east a camera in albany sharing traffic on her to burke. will iraq launched a minute.
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novato napa richmond basil's in cordele in the east bay there's several other locations york, fremont, pleasanton really from livermore are all the way to signal their stretch of pipeline that pg&e is trent a minor. in the south bay palo alto, sunnyvale san jose. all these cities have sections of pipeline that are deemed high-risk. these pipelines are ranked by different factors including the surrounding area. san bruno was not on the list because it did not meet any qualifications to be put on this high watch list. none of that existed in san bruno. pg&e is that ross up to why that had giant procter. the national transportation safety board we coming out with their
4:37 am
report in the next year. but he sees president says the pipeline over san bruno did not need any of the criteria is that they did not have their eye on that. what was on the list is the pipeline that runs through the densely populated part of san jose raw fiber shows elsewhere that section is. >> #16 is buried here of of forestry and san jose intersection of tasman drive the five runs between milpitas and for strings. through north san jose the mayor's office says it was notified there's a 2600 for a section of the pipe in need of inspection and maintenance possibly as a result of ground movement. among those expressing concern is henry white he works nearby but actually lives in san bruno not a mile from the gas lines, all that exploded there earlier this month.
4:38 am
>> another challenges of the replaced. now let's do something about it. i would like to think they maintain a price better. i am concerned that some other maintenance and ibm standard. past >> i would like them to verify or invalidate and let the public know for sure. >> it is time to condominiums and thousands of people ride trains to the intersection each day mayor's office says the city is hoping pga knee season may not work schedule to begin is done as soon as possible. >> and the cp you see is of course happy that pg&e completed that list. they say it is important for the public how disinformation the list does change from year to year as
4:39 am
conditions change yesterday's list is the most recent created by pg&e bills requested this from past years they want to compare the agency will be reviewing all disinformation and that will decide if any changes need to be made. and of course are covered on the story continues on our web site at you can actually read the list of 100 higher risk pipelines by logging on to our site. we'll be right back.
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and we are back, live pictures at a four decade kron averell only had the space shuttle discovery is on the move headed for the launch pad for the last time these live pictures assuring us the progress discovery started out on a 3 1/2 mile trips last night and of course it is bittersweet saying they don't have to shuttle missions left so discovery is going to launch on november 1st to the space station and then
4:41 am
shuttle endeavor will follow an february to wrap up to 30 years of shuttle flights and on the entire fleet will be retired. speaking of late last week the city of san francisco announced changes to the bay to breakers. the yesterday there's a change to the fleet week city leaders say they want to restore the former glory with more than just the blue angels also is spectacular which means you can expect to see more service members coming ashore expects the return of big events to this year's fleet week years as it will become one of the city's top events. take a listen. >> the changes will be seen in the amount of people that will build axa's the ships, sailors, marines in years past the british ships has been a parade of ships. this year there is going to be hundreds of sailors and marines around san francisco taking part in band on this free concert. >> fleet week of course runs
4:42 am
from october 7th to the trough for more formation on this year's schedule of events to come up between now and then. let's talk little technology ever have from the parking your car and then forgetting where you parked at kron4 staff reporter might have a solution. >> i agree new gadget to assure you that can help solve one of life's most annoying problems when you can't remember to wear you park your car in a giant parking lot sure you can hear your alarm by none your crow keychains think that there were some untendered 20 yds this gadget the ardor finder can now be find your car up to half mile away it is easy to install and use their two parts of the system this the base and has a sticky back you stick it on your windshield near the top that price is in a car this begin receiver stays under keychains next time for there were your courage is you just press the button and slowly stirred sweeping the area. the begin
4:43 am
make speeches and his green alley the errors/leading in the direction of your car. as the begin finds in the direction of your car air rapidly beeps and flashes letting you know that is the way. i from my car in the middle of the slot and tested the got refiners three times from different starting points there were to resign i also tested any for a roll inside car garage it works inside to i think is a handy little gadget is portable seeking user with rental cars or dictate your kid. it is $80, for more from russian launch a kron4. gabe slate kron4 news. >> $80 my precursors as if you get an iphone there's a free ad and its call do worse mccurry take a picture taken of the gps locator and then just use the radar to give back your car it's free. back to our minds and one
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at all live look farmers at the camera south bay 101 is the guadalupe over cross traffic is moving well we will be revived. guadalupe over cross traffic is moving well we will be revived. @ pr
4:45 am
please unease there investigating a daylight attempted sexual assault of a woman who was jogging on the trail and san jose over the weekend kron4 is jeff bush has the area that we're talking about he explains how the woman got away. >> gavin said the morning just afraid someone was jogging on this trail a man attacked her through her into this aqueduct runs along the trail. he attempted to assault or sexually but she screamed, kicked the man long enough to state it is truly amazing that one was able to escape you can see this duct is pretty deep. i estimated 6 ft. deep news was a very steep and
4:46 am
will be very difficult to climb. you can see that it took me troubled times to get out and you can imagine what would be like for the women who read just been thrown that are in a tax. when she was saved the woman called police when they arrived her attacker was long guns. aside from minor injuries the woman is our kate the attacker is on the list. please are falling out with the woman in will be releasing a sketch of the suspects neighbors are shocked to find about the attempted rape and stay up until now it is a safe trip to walk. kathy he paused and she read the sign warning the public of the attached decided to continue anyway position would not even think aboard during of that without mama or three rococo by her side. >> let's get the latest and your forecasts louisa is standing by. >> before we get to the warmth of we have to get a little cool down, it is for a couple of days we will close temperatures off and then things really start to change it will almost like
4:47 am
summer once again. here's a shot this in detail not to buy in terms of visibility we are still but apache fog. cemetery 56 to raise mine in gabe to 64 high temperature and san mateo 67 backed up against 62. here's a look for the fog is seven to the peninsula also apportion on duties bay as well. seeing a little bit about fog is well above the north bay bridge import petaluma. not widespread visibility is not too bad turn temperature city in the '50s, '60s. a little warmer in oakland, hayward and low 60s. as a maker of your the they will warm up since the '70s as it headed to the engineering kind of keeping it in the seventh easier for our june rise not getting much for the nab. cloying yesterday, 7:00 would back down into the sixties and fifties. after a high as 75 degrees for san rosa 74 napa,
4:48 am
upper 60s vallejo 75 degrees and your concord today's. some of the temperature in the '70s. keeping it cool along the coast 52. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. does continue high-level cooling trend over the next couple of days a bit breezy this afternoon into the evening with us getting up to 25 m.p.h. after the first of all things change we do start shore it up. we will keep a string of warm, sunny weather we're on to the weekend even in the beginning of next week. let's get a quick look at your commute. >> thank you. for those of heading out the door traffic is bridge moving up the limit just order were we will do another bridge jack, to cure the bay bridge toll plaza a couple more cars on the road but so pretty's the conditions as you make your voice to those paid its and had an up to the upper deck of the bay bridge. no problems are an
4:49 am
overnight construction this meeting lights are still cycle of, and during a pretty comfortable eight minutes in the foot of the macarthur maze does your perch fremont san francisco. sale, pretty san no delays in either direction across the span you can see this taillights had in the commute direction towards foster city we do some overnight construction still in effect in both directions ofç highway 92. that is going to close a couple of lanes, it is on a lasting for another 10 minutes and then after that you are in the clear. pretty choir arrive at the golden gate just a few cars on their road no problems for yourself run ride traffic is moving at the lorraine now. will robert here's a quick shot of san jose, 101, you can see sulphide is getting along just fine all the more companies to make your way northbound. but still keeping those very good dry times, he read from downtown san jose airports and clara 13
4:50 am
minutes. james. >> thank you. we sign a big slowdown with the introduction of the bay area's first express lane yesterday that is badly in the runs on an existing kirkwall in 14 rows of 600 between pleasanton and milpitas. it allows those drivers to use the car full way and if they pay an electronic toll. the new hours 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. period of daylong. it will cost between 30¢ and $6 depending on when you drive. kron4 is bridge right is now our experience >> the bay area's first quarter opens today the south from structure price exceeds their between 84 and 237 and now has a toll that allows holders to pay a fee. the way it works is yours
4:51 am
for a fast track transponder conversion to the lane and sensors will pick of the transponder signal and charger count the tolls which will be a church retreat 5-8:00 p.m. to enrich and 30¢ to $6 depending on how busy traffic is. truffles are to armorican drive the lane for free since it is still a curveball in the beaker for the church for cheaters is a whopping three average $81 it is the first and only in the bay area about plans for others are being discussed. >> today will be day two of the new 680 express lanes of people already brimming with questions kron4 is a vicki find some answers. >> " the commanders your questions about the bay area's brand new express lane we found the answers here's some of the more frequently asked questions. mother always be a back up like this morning? no this is the first day job trends cells us this should smooth out as people get used to read about this
4:52 am
double redlines? what you decide to make a last-minute plan changed it will cost you what is the fine? $381 where the white and i go? federal regulations that call for white but the fine is the same for crossing them it will levy charged by fast-track but it never occurs? it is put to a fast track in the mile or beg would you can find a miler barry? the answer is replace the new one for free at various fast track. or call customer service. when ammons of a gun charge and a marker for? the answer ask for refund leniency for first- timers' but airline not so if you go to many times. >> also smarting like a dot of a dead whale carcass washed up on
4:53 am
ocean beach it is expected to be buried today it is so far gone that cannot towed back it is the lead the normally what they will. on the beach. it was discovered that a real appears to be dead for several days because the amount of the cake is about 50 fail longways about 15 to 20 t it is the second well in the bay area in the past week. a container ship can't afford caring occurred is on its power. xdwe'll take a break, barack more headlines in a c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46>r4senfanothers lick freeway traffic is movingrs well have led to the south on 11
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a live look from the kennedy space center you can see shuttle discovery getting closer, closer to the launch pad as it prepares for its launch. it started cornell last that is is taking its time to get there. they want to make sure everything is right. only two shuttle missions left this one and 1¢ for february. they will retire the entire shuttle. we will be right back.
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in mayor backgammon or 4 5:00 top stories pg&e has released a 100 highest risk pop wines but sara bernal is not on list to have details coming up oakland
5:00 am
police are searching for suspects that robs to women and oakland's lake merritt area more on the story in a moment we're also a falling weather. a live look from bay ridge, not as much fog as rezaiyeh estate leases track in that. good morning. >> certainly better for custom terms of the fog and turns of the temperature will cool off today and tomorrow. but after that a really good looking for just to get 25 mi. per hour as we head towards evening, and then what is in store for the weekend. here's a look at where your seeing fog, said of the and along the peninsula through the bay as well. we're seeing some of moving into oakland, question toward livermore and into the north bay really not too bad this morning justing some thought floating around point reyes. kern tempters, 56 degrees for sentences, cool and the north bay in the low fifties stay in the '60s this morning
5:01 am
oakland also and hayward. south bay temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. warming up plenty of 7 is out there and then it's the afternoon we're gonna keep it in the '70s yes. temperatures in the '80s not the case today much cooler and by about 7:00 we will cool it down into the 50s and 60s. and much difference trading yesterday temperatures in the afternoon only getting up to root 75. 064 degrees and san francisco that is a cool down from yesterday. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. temperatures in the mid-70s and or 7 degrees for hayward. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. had like a roller coaster we start going down. we hit the first of all and temperatures start going up. plenty of sunshine in store for friday, saturday, sunday and monday is just a string of beautiful days ahead. let's get a check on your commute with aircraft. >> incidents free. computer are
5:02 am
getting be, commuters are gettig by just fine no overnight construction in effect this meeting lights are still off. pretty easy emitted as you make your way through the foot of the macarthur maze and fremont san francisco. he arrived from the cortines bridge to the macarthur maze and 19 minutes. sam is there bridge no problems here and i the directions those taillights making their way pretty comfortably in the commute direction towards roster city rocking it for the ideal 12 minutes from end to end. golden gate nice, easy ride a little foggy, traffic is getting by without delay. those cars moving at the limit drive novato into san francisco 22 manager. nearby fromç highway 37 to the east bay is the shortcomings reed a minute ride. james.
5:03 am
>> thank you, the san bruno gaslights version the national transportation safety board requested a list of a hybrid pipeline list has been released. in the north bay questionable pipeline in novato, stroh cordele yeah enrichment. in these various and have a handful of locations. we've got locations in palo alto, sunnyvale, milpitas and san jose that a section of pipeline exploded in san bruno nearly two weeks ago does not appear on this list of 100 riskiest compliance and to make on that was apparently the thai border had to meet one of four criteria corrosions, or is qui a
5:04 am
common design commandeered a fight. but since none of these conditions existed it was not listed on piccinni's or press critics say that just means the system is flawed. >> we do not know yet what the causes that while in form is as to how we need to look at these pipelines and whether not the process of your using is a good process or not. >> pg&e submitted regulators the forecast rate proceedings shows the company had arranged a high risk section of pipeline to a half miles from the glass light as one that was in need of repair. this cpc is please a
5:05 am
pg&e complied with its request they say it's important but the public has this information the list changes from year to year it will continually be updated they also requested a list from years past. it wants to do a look alyssum overtime they will review the separation and stephen e. changes need to be made as to how piccinni monitors its pipeline. our coverage continues on line, it should like to read the list, rose to 100 you can do so on our web site at two women were robbed and sexually assaulted in oakland's lake merritt neighborhood on sunday evening. police are so far withholding any details about when and where the attacks happened but both occurred in the evening hours, relatively secluded areas and both victims were women who were coming home. that is on the results. to listen. >> there are some similarities
5:06 am
that is why we want to make the community aware that this may be the same suspect that targeted these two ladies. >> he's described as african- americans, early-mid 20s, 5-106 for all, medium build carrying a weapon. shares detectives are looking for suspects to attend your backed troubled girl, your kids in middle school in castro valley. the girl was walking towards the school when a man in the dark red or green sedan pulled up next to her. he asked the girl to get into his carbs. drove alongside her for several hundred feet. he's described as hispanic, 40, short black hair, dark skin, goatee, unshaven. bright yellows that the pundits richard, bluejeans, gold watch gold been,. \ ban. similar to a
5:07 am
fortress dark or maroon small spoiler grimm's bucket seats black interior. there are also searching for this man 30 world debt as well. half 60 to all 210 lbs., we will take a quick break, moreover news in a moment as a kron4 morning news continues.
5:08 am
5:09 am
5:10 am
andrea back quick check on market headline stock futures are down slightly this morning at a the fed's policy-setting the central bank is due to announce a decision on interest rates later on this morning the fed is expected to leave rates unchanged but as usual investors will be looking for any side to policy-makers as to where the economy may go. reporting and new home construction for august expected numbers to come up in
5:11 am
15-20 minutes analysts are looking for a slight increase also the labor department will report on unemployment figures for august. decision 2010 both candidates were quick to criticize governor strasser for failing to reach a deal with the legislator on how to solve california's $19 million charge fell. make women and democrat durant said they were distorted the budget process and getting lawmakers to get it much sooner but neither has offered real solution. but from one of them could inherit if the deal is not reached soon. the senate is scheduled to debate the military's ban on gays serving openly in the military that will happen today democrats have attached a repeal of the don't ask don't tell lot. senator john mccain is among those fighting to keep the law in place and is for now seeing the pentagon should be given more time to
5:12 am
complete the survey of the repeals likely effect on troops. also this morning the television is claiming responsibility for shooting down a helicopter in afghanistan killing nine troops and injuring two others it is the deadliest of crash in years the nationalities of the troops have not been released. there's no reports of any gunfire in that area at the time of the crash. we will take a break from ou back more headlines and is crash. we will take a break from ou back more headlines and is committed. [ male announcer ] it's luxury with fire in its veins. bold. daring. capable of moving your soul. ♪ and that's even before you drop your foot on the pedal. ♪ the new 2011 cts coupe from cadillac. the new standard of the world.
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5:15 am
and we're back, a top stories piccinni says a section of natural gas pipeline exploded south of san francisco was not on the utilities list of 100 riskiest pipelines piccinni president says section of pipeline did not meet the criteria to appear on ballots. one of the high prairie gas lines is located in the dense it regulated part of san jose no. 16 is buried along north first trees in san jose right near the
5:16 am
intersection of tasman drive the mayor's office confirms it has been notified that the line in question is a 26 and referred section of a long pipeline that runs between milk is a question springs north first street is lined with office parks, a main corridor for the transit system the mayor's office has expressed concern and so people who live, work in the area. >> i would like to think they maintain their price better on concern that some other plumbing in as many of their standards. ignoring a lot of the main suspect. >> i would like them to verify and validate which condition it is let them know for sure. i know there's challenges with pipes and every phrase. it's good that it is known not do something. >> in may been damaged by ground movement and was already scheduled for maintenance and on till sometime in 2012 a
5:17 am
spokeswoman says it will be holding piccinni's feet to the fire to make sure their president is in as possible. time ran hours 5:16 a.m. a quick route date temperatures are actually cooling down but that is before pretty nice warmup for this weekend. san jose clear shot, a little bit of fog, 55 degrees currently in san jose by new and jumping up into the upper 60s, high temperature and san jose of about 72 degrees backed down and to the mid-60s rate o'clock. does the little bit of fog cutting the coastline along the peninsula to the bay shore and also you can see oakland is daly of a little but the fog. some thought given to the north bay as a santa rosa petaluma is in a clear. 56 shares san francisco, 62 degrees degenerative east bay 59 degrees to hayward, really chilly up the
5:18 am
napa hanging on to the 40's. as we make your way through the day we should were run up by noon funny of '60s even if you '70s saying into the '70s for serve your warmer spots even up into the afternoon calling you back down into the 50s, 60s. afternoon coming in around 75 degrees for saturday. no. as in the forecast today keeping an around 74 degrees for napa. down into the suspects in temperatures rid around 76. 73 hayward and and also fremont. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. a bit of a cooling trend tomorrow will actually be one of the chili is days in the first official full day of fall on thursday after that many of sunshine the budget shooting up into the '90s. jack and the commute. erica. >> no hot spots or proms but to
5:19 am
run the bay. our problems from . caprice and writer overall keeping dry thyme 0 and both directions of the span you can see this taillights making their way and the commute direction towards foster city those bright lights making their way into hayward. choir ride a couple more carsç still moving at the limit. there's a quick shot of the upper shore freeway. albany moving just find your rise to make sure we pass golden gate fields as your first the bay
5:20 am
bridge for plaza is a nice easy going right. james. >> thank you. that a sports, monday night football recap, it was-is surprisingly close match a plaza between super bowl champs and your lin states and the 49ers. just more than a minute left, ran for 7 yd touchdown said of his targets the two-point conversion. died at. look that bad, the same score, 399 past here's a kid, it was after a tip to but it's still not enough juice to get to the upper right. it was good this a stake at 25-22. we got some of the niners for the reaction. >> but to take away anything from #. but we did a lot of things duracell said it. >> it is unfortunate. but the
5:21 am
lasting and going to say is a share one. >> what they do nothing. then in another. repeater cells. >> the night is at halftime retiring the jerry rices jersey, you see him there, only he pole opposite like that. rice and 16 of his 25 years with the niners he holds virtually every single significant receiving record in the nfl fans at four as word sherry and chanting jerry, jerry, jerry. >> every time i step on the football field red after the national anthem i would raise my figure the figure that is closest your thumb by one everybody to do that for bill walsh (applause) i love san francisco but you are so much for this honor let's go niners. (applause) >> ii for this is a funny time
5:22 am
turnaround reserve does honor 18 capt. last night was formally presented with his nfl hall of fame ring. back with more over nine is just a moment here's a live look inside the james fletcher you traffic 7101 those headlights coming off the james lick headed towards the peninsula moving fairly well.
5:23 am
and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make some tough decisions. we have to live within our means. we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that. [ female announcer ] it starts with you falling in love with the most personalized most customized piece of furniture you will ever own. ♪ get that one piece right and the rest of the room will just fall into place. it starts with you introducing yourself to the world of ethan allen. see your ethan allen design center today
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for two beautiful ways to save.
5:25 am
and we're back, it's 538 nodes
5:26 am
5:25 a.m. kron4 first broke the story to a major fraud in the new club record you see people here just using their hands despite the sensor computers are finding a new way to evade paying their fair kron4 stanley roberts tells us how the transit authority is responding to the issue and what other changes may be coming. the store you only see in kron4. >> last thursday kron4 sure to a major flaw in munis $30 million clipper gate system. it is a flaw that allows anyone to enter munis pay area with nothing more than a way of the hands. no car required. they all do it. this glitch was first thought to be a problem only at civic center stations. >> is odd tvs are reached around. >> that church redefine the same thing for irrigates that over my simply passing your hand over
5:27 am
the motion said. this is a system wide problem that muni officials knew about but still at the gates to keep from line and you pay for this. since i was the first reporter to show real flaw as i should be fitting that i should be the first to tell you this, a source inside muni told me because of this flaw in the clipper gate system some major changes are coming. one of those changes, the rehiring of a lease for station agents at $68,000 per employee. so that unman bruce wilson have agents. these workers relate of during the recent budget cuts. >> i am also told dozens clippers has gone on line there's been a significant increase in tickets issued to free booze. this is the increase is not related to the can reject it is because a) electronic cards. some people think just by having a club record is proof of payment. even though there's no money on the card. one muni to
5:28 am
lead the clippers as source for online was zeroth employed for muni employees. and now has problems. simmons is there, stanley roberts, kron4 news. and as always view, or suggestions and to stanley.
5:29 am
5:30 am
in mayor back, let's talk about whether a couple of shots to share your left, traffic is find their we'll get a full look at the commune with erica. let's begin with louisa. good morning. >> good morning james visibility's not too bad temperatures however are cooling off today and tomorrow. but after that we have a nice little warm-up in store for your weekend also a bit breezy is indebted to the afternoon getting to that a few minutes, a current temperatures 56 san francisco, really to get chile happen santa rosa napa hanging
5:31 am
on to the '40's. 62 oakland. mid-50s livermore. as we head into the afternoon we order to grow 75 degrees and santa rosa so this is a big change from where we were yesterday yesterday we saw temperatures and to the 80s today it is not likely to the '70s stay in the '70s sons of bitches livermore, los 70 to hayward, fremont. upper 60s and your oakland today also a bit of a breeze as we had to the day to day into the afternoon noticing those winds up towards 20 mi. per hour. elsewhere really starting to see those when does pickup by farquhar, center felt the wind gusts of 20 mi. an hour. the breeze in the afternoon and evening even by 10:00 tonight we're still seeing those winds while upward of 20 m.p.h. in those locations. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. keeping it cool the next couple of days and back to mark could
5:32 am
be the coolest of the week. then the first fall official day of fall for thursday after that things turn around. sunshine come so warmer. check out monday, the upper 90s for some of the inland spots. certainly feels like summer. mid upraise around the bay, mid-70s records. let's get a check on your morning commute. >> and no hot spots, but very easy conditions around the bay. another project, it is building at the bay bridge toll plaza still very easy conditions for your westbound right heading into the city renowned no drums coming from the approaches. metering lights remain offering now, in dry that very easy eight minutes from the foot of the macarthur maze to san francisco. no problems from arrived in san mateo, traffic is getting along fine about directions, it welcome you direction towards
5:33 am
foster city jacking a very ideal 13 minutes from end to end. no problems there. still pretty quiet at the golden gate just a couple of cars on the road never ratified at this hour. no from sears says don novato and san francisco were 22 minutes, highway 37 overseas they pretty comfortable eight minutes. wrapping up here's a quick check on crosstown traffic instead of his car, no problems on the james lick, you can see this proms heading towards the peninsula only about 15 minutes rain now if your head will lease one direction toward the lower deck of the bay bridge that is also checking in has a pretty from free ride rainout. james. for >> thank you, the latest in a gas line explosion the state public utilities commission requested a list from piccinni of high prairie pipelines the list has been released and we now know at least a handful locations north bay there are
5:34 am
types in novato, napa, cordelia, richmond in the east bay in newark, fremont m pleasanton. on the peninsula a handful as well error from palo alto to sunnyvale milpitas, san jose. were was not on the list was the gas line in san bruno the idc there that exploded kron4 stop them bloom explains why. >> that segment of pipe was not on the top 100 less. >> no one listened types of dire need evans are shore repair was this 28 ft. piece of transmission line that erupted into flames destroying in the red. pg&e says the pipe was never on its radar because it did not meet the company's definition of a risky gas line. >> we were not aware of anything in this area there would've had met the criteria that would perales. >> to make ron lawless the thai border had to be one of four criteria, georgian on a metal pipe that would put a list, if
5:35 am
there had been an earthquake in the area that thai border been given priority. if records showed the design of the pipe was flawed, updated it would be put in the top 100 or construction crews had been digging near the pipe there were also flag it. >> if someone is doing construction we need to make sure that we understand that and the northern pipeline is we take that into consideration. a pg&e says there was no digging despite recently been no signs of corrosion or seismic damage soared to their current system there's simply no reason to mark the bible as for the mentally dangerous. critics say this disaster for hours of that system is completely flawed. pg&e says is not ready to draw conclusions until the investigation is done. >> we do not know what the cause was. california is as to how we need to look to these pipeline segments of whether the process we are using is a good process or not. >> and of course our coverage of the story continues online you can read the list of 100 high
5:36 am
risk pipelines by logging on to in revenues this morning to women were robbed and sexually assaulted in oakland, on sunday evening. please add this point are withholding certain details about when and where the attack happened but both occur in the evening hours and relatively secluded areas both victims were coming home when there were salted won the story as it develops. please describe the suspects as an african-american male in his early 20s 5-10 ft. tall.10-6 ft carry a weapon. a man is suspected of attacking a jogger on the trail we have a map sharing in the area were that's located in the southern part of saturday, the victim was jogging along the trail when a man forced her into a ditch, and then attempted to assault her. she was able to fight them off he ran off on foot. as for the
5:37 am
suspect is described as hispanic, mid-20s, 5 c-6 in. tall. toys r hundred and 50 lbs., and described as having brown hair. great big hit its richard bluejeans and white tennis shoes. we'll take a break, back with more headlines in a moment. let's go out side give you a live look this morning at the golden gate traffic is light, the fog is then, the weather is going to be all right today louisa of a fall of it coming up in a bid. [ male announcer ] as the ceo of hp,
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and we're back the country's largest pension fund told of six-figure bonuses and raises to its top court employees as its investment portfolio lost a quarter of its value they try to reduce the bonuses but was under contractual obligations to pay them virtually all of the investment managers were awarded
5:41 am
bonuses of more than $10,000 each with several earning bonuses are more than a hundred thousand dollars during the fiscal year. the shorts were destroyed as the fund lost $59 billion. well the city of bell and southern california paid off $95,000 and city manager loans to the l.a. times of these that is sort of his reporting bell use nine $5,000 of public funds to pay off loans that advance city manager made to him so. the mistake of saying he put money in our reserves of timing counts bridge experts say could be a federal wire fraud that is the latest of a bell. as the drama continues. 30 charter schools are being recognized as the $1 million donation from oprah winfrey. it was one of six public school reforms or the were honored the charter school
5:42 am
network serves nearly 10,000 students in these palo alto oakland and stockton. lastly toys r us has release this year's hot toy analyst. the trade giant is getting and a few contenders for the cute crowned i guess you could call it. we have some less. squeegees. i guess they fit inside a toward dispensing machine. seeing an image takes colorful cluster of that harmonize. also zhu zhu pets. they're the big ones last year again for his arrest is predicting they're big. i'm running out the top five the oobiles, little creatures that fold up into bowls of pop open. the kids love the my guess gotta get the nuns. it will take a
5:43 am
break. will
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
section that exploded was not on its list of 100 riskiest the president says the pipeline beneath san bruno did that meet the criteria to appear on that list it was the california public utilities commission that of course requested this list of 100 pipelined that need to be inspected or monitored or replaced. they say it is pleased that pg&e has compiled this list they say it is critical that the public have as much information as possible. >> needed to make sure that
5:47 am
pg&e produced it and we can make it public so that people can understand what is on the list of what it isn't. what is listed the things that piccinni's tracking the closes to decide when they need to do work on them this is not a list of things that is dangerous this is this list that they think is dangerous their offers a rate than it does mark gonzalez. the public needs to know that after the accident san bruno pg&e is doing the right thing to operate systems safely they're overseeing pg needs major pg&e system is safe more reason to the public is better that is why this needed to be released. >> the top 100 this changes from year to year at the commission has recourse to the pg&e gives its list from our years they want to do our review and see what changes need to be made of any. >> getting a little bit of patchy fog this morning but nothing like " inside yesterday in fact it is a clear shot of
5:48 am
downtown san francisco. we are dealing with some low clouds however it be cool down is in store for today and tomorrow. after that all changes here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. it does show that after the first official day of all which is thursday things turn around some of the opposite of what to expect ticket out friday plenty of sunshine if you have been complaining they have not had a net beach weather this speech weather is definitely on its way as we head toward friday and into your weekend in fact were not just into the '90s but upper 90s as we head towards victory. inland spots to keeping it in the '80s and '70s for the coast. here is a look get where we are dealing with fraud, settled in along the peninsula and the and the colony's bay. pershing into livermore and inquiries. working its way towards 101. for the most part visibility is not too bad. current temperature 56 degrees. 62 dear oakland, 40's
5:49 am
and now, low fifties for santa rosa. the kind of chili in the north bay and south bay. as we take it on through the day 10:00, to robert clark were busy doctors warming up into the '60s, '70s by the afternoon talking it out into the '70s. no more '80s into the picture: by dennis the '50s, '60s by 7:00. 75 degrees into santa rosa. so the war locations only caveat in the mid-70s to date. south bay 62 for san jose. los '70s in mountain view. 71 degrees upper 60s and oakland. quick check on morning commute. >> finishing off the hour without a single hot spot for a delay wrapping up with one less project. traffic is building but still no worries here for your
5:50 am
westbound ride looking pretty good coming from oliver urges those meters lights are so often drapery and as some uneasiness in the for the macarthur maze towards fremont. your ride from the cortines bridge to the macarthur maze clocking in at just 20 manager. think you're taking the cemetery bridge, no problems in the the direction. those taillights making their way in the commune direction towards foster city, headed east added a word. free ideal 13 minutes from end to end. quieted the golden gate so does the few cars and the road no proms years of fun ride novato and the city limits of pretty easy 22 minute trip. wrapping up with a quick shot of the south bay, 101 traffic is building out here but still no problems for yourself around ride if you're headed in the northbound direction which is a chimera direction a bit more company in this taillights. still pretty easy conditions not
5:51 am
really going to the injured drive time to much. 13 minutes from downtown san jose as you make your way up. james. >> if thank you. san francisco announced changes to flee way they want to restore the former pro korea with more than just the angels' platform is. expect to see more members coming ashore big return of so the big events. this year's the reed says it will become one of the city's top events. it doesn't. >> the changes are going to be seen in the amount of people that will build to access the ships, sailors, marines in years past the years there will be hundreds of sailors and marines around 7 cisco taking part in challenges band concerts'. slate creek runs from october 7th to october 12th keep it to and here we will let you know what will
5:52 am
be on tap for the scheduled events. also this morning i don't know if you've heard a dead whale that has washed ashore for the second time in a week prompting an environment your group to recommend a lower speed limits for ships entering the bay the carcass forced ashore on the ocean beach early monday scientists from the marine mammal center plan to bury the well right there on the beach when the tide goes out it is too badly decomposed to towed to see. another smaller well was carried into the part of oakland. last thursday. çthey e investigating where that will was and if there was a live for dead when his head. >> you jazz national guard commander is saying basically he is sorry he is taking the blame for this wildfire that is led to the right duration of 1600 homes. the fire was spared to bring a training exercise for
5:53 am
cardmembers to were firing live weapons in the dry, windy weather three homes were destroyed a four as is badly damaged the hit man's then no one called of said fire agencies for help for new two hours. >> more headline straight ahead, it surely deserve and i news as well here's a live look good side that it is a shuttle discovery is being attached to launch plans for its november 1st shuttle launch the second of the the shuttles last two partly this is the first of a lawsuit launches scheduled. it will be dismissed. mixed feelings that their at mission control. we'll be [ male announcer ] the turn changes everything.
5:54 am
♪ the turn will make you think. ♪ make you re-examine your approach. change your line. innovate. and create one of the world's fastest-reacting suspensions, reading the road 1,000 times per second. it's the turn that leads you somewhere new. introducing the new 2011 cts-v coupe. from cadillac. the new standard of the world.
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5:57 am
and we're back breaking news, san as a police investigating a stolen vehicle crash that killed a teenager, you see the map where we're talking about. rate their officers responded to that location about 3:00 a.m. a preliminary information indicates the driver of a 2001 ford explorer and 18 year-old san as a man lost control of that vehicle crashed into a light pole and possibly a treat causing the vehicle to catch fire a passenger was also an act are anything year-old man he was caught in the burning car pronounced dead at the scene. the driver was taken hospital and is expected to survive it
5:58 am
has not been determined if all call was a factor in this french the spurs 3 will be closed for the foreseeable future world as the investigation is conducted will have more on this story as it develops, we will bareback.
5:59 am

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